venerdì 6 gennaio 2012

expression in the performing arts

Expression in the Performing Arts is the Conference Procedings of a very stimulating conference I have been to in 2008. Here you can find the book details. This post is about the editing of my essay, "Is a Word Dead When It Is Said?: Relationship Between Text and Performance in Martha Graham's Letter to the World". On the first page of my essay there is a serious editing mistake which is not my own. The mistake consists in definying North American poet Emily Dickinson an 'English writer'. The editors of the volume have assured me that should a reprint be done, the mistake will be corrected, but, in the meanwhile, those who happen to read my essay and have some basic notions of North American literature might think I am an incompetent on the matter, which is untrue, given the fact that I graduated in Anglo-American literature at University and have written my PhD thesis on North American culture. That is why I have decided to write this post.