giovedì 6 novembre 2008


London is coming, London I am coming.

I am leaving for my annual PhD exam in a few days, I will go back to my ‘home’.

London is a kind of ‘home’ to me. It has been kind and cruel, it has taught me a lot. I will count again the rats running in the Piccadilly line tracks, waiting for a train that will come packed with people. I will go to my University which is immersed in a beautiful and almost romantic landscape. I will go to my two favourite libraries (Senate House and Laban) to check out books and journals. I will walk around, tasting the rain and smelling the air. I will eat my dear soups, I love English soups, 'leek and potato', 'carrot and coriander' are only two of the flavours you can have. I will meet a couple of friends. The London I love is probably just an imaginary homeland (term borrowed from Salman Rushdie), a place that only exists in my mind. Well, that’s ok, I can deal with that. Sometimes imaginary places are necessary to keep you going.

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Morgana ha detto...


Morgana ha detto...

Roz.... insomma sei giunta a buon punto... fammi sapere come è andata... ho tanta voglia di vederti... quando vieni a roma per quella famosa chiacchierata? Londra come sta? Imaginary Homelands... potrei parlarne per giorni... un abbraccio

roz ha detto...

Carissima, scusa se rispondo solo ora, ma sono come al solito incasinatissima. Spero di poter venire presto a trovarti, un abbraccio forte.