venerdì 27 febbraio 2009

pearl lang passed away

Pearl Lang (1921-2009) passed away on February 24th, 2009. She was one of Graham's former principal dancers, she was a great dancer, choreographer and teacher. She interpreted the role of the One Who Dances in Letter to the World after Graham. I had the chance to speak with her in 2007, she was very nice and clear in replying to my answers. I am very upset about her departure. Here is a short film on her and here an article from the New York Times.

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Adriana Savoy ha detto...

I am so shocked with the news of'
my dear teacher Pearl Lang.
Today there will be on tv show
ll:45 AM approximately Eastern Standard Time, (NEW YORK) a short
section showing Pearl speaking in
2004 at a tribute to Anna Sokolow
'in NYC. the TV show is and you click on U Stream.

A tribute to her memory in dance
will be prepared and anyone can contact me at

She was one of a kind that sprung
from Martha's house, yet with her own fiery and determined personality which was channeled into
the best dance expression that will
continue forever through her students who were mercilessly trained by her!

Adriana Savoy ha detto... is on the internet. SATURDAYS ll AM to noon "Diamond Dance Views"

Today Feb. 28 at the end of the
first part of the show will be
a section of Pearl Lang speaking.

roz ha detto...

Thank you Adriana, I was away so could not see anything, I still cannot believe it. I just met Pearl Lang once but I considered her one of the wisest and strongest former Graham dancers and teachers...