domenica 31 agosto 2008

living among the shadows

She lived among the shadows, in a flat with 7 rooms and a large garage. Specifically, she lived with two main shadows, the Lady of the Lake with Still Waters and Amilcare, her wingless guardian angel. She had come to their house in search of truths and found she could only barely see them at dawn, when life seemed more crystalline and clear. Her chore was to feed the two shadows three times a day and be sure they did not leave the flat. She was under a temporary contract, but she did not know when it expired. She had her own room, which was filled with towers of books, her sole companions. The two shadows, in fact, would not speak to her, they only communicated through writing. In the past, the Lady of the Lake with Still Waters had been a great mistress of the shadows, but now her power had consistently diminished, leaving her almost motionless in her liquid bed. She wrote in the water and Luna had to be very quick in reading her messages. At the beginning it had been very hard and Amilcare had often reproached her. Little by little, Luna had become faster and the initial tension between her and Amilcare had disappeared. Amilcare was a strange figure. He had lost his wings the very moment the Lady of the Lake with Still Waters had lost her power. What kind of spell was there in that flat? Luna sometimes asked herself.

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