martedì 27 gennaio 2009

London (flash-back) - 1

I am about to leave for London again (Feb 4-8) and I still have not written (because write I must) about my past experience from last November. One night, after leaving the Royal Opera House (I had the luck to see the Royal Ballet triple bill for 10 pounds, isn't it crazy??? Thanks to a dear friend, N.), I stopped to watch a guy singing and playing his guitar in the Covent Garden Square. After a few seconds I realised he was singing in Italian, he was Italian and around him a group of Italians were singing with him. Jesus, it was unreal! Some English-speaking people stopped amazed at that strange event, it looked as if he had brought his fans with him, but it had just happened. He probably knows that London is 'infested' with Italians and that it is enough to push a button (in this case the music button) and there you go, they come out of their 'hiding holes' like ants, happy ants.

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