venerdì 21 agosto 2009


1954: she was so excited. Her trip to Rome had been excellent, she had recorded her first record, now she needed to rehearse to keep her voice trained. She went into the kitchen and there found her mother staring at her. "You are happy, aren't you?". She kept on staring at her. "Have you thought about this kind of career? It is not good for a woman to become a singer, it is not approapriate." Her mood changed, she sensed something terrible was going to come out of her mother's mouth, and so it was: "What about me and your grandmother? Who's going to look after us when we are older?". There it was, a stone on her heart, a door suddenly closed on her future and hopes. She stared back at her mother with a daring look, it only lasted for a deep long second, then she surrended to her inevitable force. She went upstairs, broke her record into many pieces, threw it away and cried her bitterest tears for one entire night. Then she went back to work with her mother and never mentioned her aspirations as singer any more.

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