venerdì 12 febbraio 2016

for me

For me what happened
on Wednesday was like a
psychological rape
it was vital for me
to meet you, demon
for the reasons you know
and for other reasons
I will probably never 
be able to tell you
I know it was not your fault
but it was so abrupt
sudden and unexpected
that it emptied me out
all our efforts have been
dissolved in the space of
a few minutes
I have cried so much
I do not think I have
any more tears to cry
I have things to do
for my blogs and
a very important event
coming soon and have not
done anything
I am devastated
I do not know what is going
to happen between us
I know you would like to continue
some sort of dialogue
I would like it too
but it cannot be as it was
otherwise I will die of 
I need some time to find
a new balance
today you have been so kind
and refined I cried of joy reading all
the messages you sent
once again you managed to touch
me deep down inside
and cure some of my pain
I will never thank you enough
for that and for all the things
you have done for me
you are a true gift that
I treasure as the most
precious jewel I have
angel, it will be clear by now
that me and you is never
going to happen
I think you are for a good part 
responsible for what happened
both last and this time
and this means that you have
understood nearly nothing of what
I wrote
you have not really seen
what was going on between me and him
you have been cruel and 
extremely disrespectful
leave me in peace
and from now on
whatever I post
here or somewhere else
that might look connected to you
(wings, Frida Kahlo, Pasolini, anything)
it has nothing to do with you
is that clear????

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