venerdì 19 febbraio 2016

very well

Writing Home, Daniel F. Gerhart.

Dearest Demon,

I am about to post (tonight or tomorrow) one of my essays and I write to clarify in advance that there is no implicit message for you in it. You already know part of the topic very well and would love to talk about it with you, but unfortunately now it is impossible. It is something I wrote years ago and it is relevant for the conference. I also wrote a chant inspired by it but I am not satisfied with it, so tonight I am going to post something else. My chant will, from now on, be an alternation of my things and quotations from writers, as it was before. I hope it is ok with you. I also hope you are well, I miss you a lot.
Lots of love,


p.s. - Angel, I do not hate you, if that is what your message was about. You hurt me a lot, and it is very difficult for me to trust you again. And, if, for some tragic reason, I had to stop this precious bond with Demon, I would not come to you, because I am no longer interested in you in that sense (I was for a very short time and did not work). It is important that you understand this thing, because I do not want to create illusions. I hope I have been clear.

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