lunedì 8 febbraio 2016


Hurt again
by you demon
was it too much to accept a thank you?
Did you really have to be so nasty?
Now I truly need to protect
I am not joking
you do not want me
I get that
no encounter
so what do you want me to do?
Just sit here
and keep chanting?
I cannot do that
the chant was born
to thank you
for your beautiful and stunning gift
then it became something else
and included you angel
for a while
then, when I was sure
we were going to meet,
it changed again
into something more
and personal
I did not know
I could write
like that
so I have to thank you
for this as well
but this is too much
and is going nowhere
it is a complete failure
my chant has failed miserably
and has to stop
I really wanted the three of us
to keep this bond
but we cannot seem to find a solution
suitable for everybody
and my only desire has never ever
been fulfilled
this makes a big difference
I still care for both of you
even if in different ways
besides I am tired of all these
and crying
and things got worse since I had this awful contracture
and, angel, I know you
could be different, but
since the event, things have changed
and I have completely lost my mind for the demon
(or at least his avatar, who knows if his flesh and blood version is the same)
it would not be fair
to pretend an interest in you
you are a great guy
you deserve better.
it has been exceptionally nice
meeting you
take care
of yourself...

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