mercoledì 17 febbraio 2016

once again

My dear Demon, 

I think that today’s mess has been once again the result of a misunderstanding. Maybe you thought I was referring to the song, but I was not, I was simply referring to the film scene, I just wanted to continue interacting with you online, did not expect anything more, I thought I had been clear about that (do not get me wrong, I would love to have something more with you, but I know it is impossible).

There has been a misunderstanding more or less every two or three days in the past months and it has been exhausting. I have gone on only because I really really care for you and I feel devastated at the idea of losing you, but I guess we cannot continue like this. 

Sometimes it takes me a few minutes to write a chant, some other times it takes hours, I really enjoyed doing it and it has been a wonderful way to communicate with you and also to start expressing parts of my inner abyss. Maybe I will post some other chants every now and then, but cannot continue like this, especially if you do not appreciate it any longer, especially if you are not going to be there to read it and reply to it.

In addition to this, there is an important conference I am going to go to at the beginning of March, I have been saving money and energy for months and it is essential for me to be prepared, so I need to focus on that now. If you ever want us to be friends or stay in touch in a way or another, please let me know, we will find a way. 
Lots of love,


p.s. - Angel, leave me in peace!

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