mercoledì 24 febbraio 2016

I will try

Mirror by Tigran.

I am sorry
I fucked things up
I am sorry
I did not mean to hurt you
I cannot chant now 
I feel blocked
but I need to explain
we have a history
things, lots of beautiful
important things have happened
between us
and one that has really touched me
and made the difference
is the fact that you have
always always been there for me
when I needed you
and you have always always found
the right words
to heal my pain
you know me in a way
that nobody ever did
you have the ability to see me
in a way that nobody ever saw me
there will probably be
other misunderstandings
but they will not cancel
what there has been between us
and they cannot erase the bond
we have
I know, the channels
through which we communicate
are sometimes ambiguous
and things can be interpreted in different ways
again I am sorry
I was trying to be funny
but I was a disaster
you always know the right song
the right poem
I do not
that is one of the reasons
why I began chanting
because I had to express
my emotions and feelings
I had to get all the energy
you were activating
in me out back to you
so I am sorry
I will try to be more careful
I will try to tell you more about
myself and what I do
please forgive me

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