domenica 10 gennaio 2016

an angel

Embrace, sketch by Killbuck, concept and project Matt Schultz.

Not long ago, an angel came
knocking at my door

he was handsome, mighty and kind
and had the most orgasmic hands
I have ever seen
hands that if touched you
could turn you into
tiny spheres of desire

he gave me a hug once,
a warm embrace
I will never forget

he came in a turbulent period of my life,
during which I was
dealing with devilish stuff

I had lost my mind for a powerful demon
a towering creature who could
pierce your heart with a simple glance

there were two problems with this demon:
he could only speak through metaphors
and was in love with somebody else

so I wandered into the labyrinth of my heart
opened it and let all my emotions flow
for this demon in articulate intricate ways
I did not even know I could find
knowing that nothing more would ever come from that

this angel and this demon
were very good friends
and at a certain point we found ourselves
playing together in a dangerous game
of love effusions

this angel and this demon
talked about me and even told
each other what I had privately told
each of them

and I asked myself
what is going on?
Should the three of us all dance together then?

And why on earth is the angel behaving
like the demon?
Can he only speak through metaphors as well? 
Is he in love with somebody else too?

I have not found out yet

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