mercoledì 6 gennaio 2016

Dialogue between a spaceship and her demonic mechanic

Millennium Falcon, Image by Cédric Delsaux.


 Year 3254, somewhere on planet Earth…

- You probably do not realise what you have done to me, do you? She said.
He did not reply, she could only see his broad shoulders partly darkened by the semi-illuminated space they were in.
- Nobody has ever done what you did for me. I still cannot believe it. Do you understand? She was getting anxious.
- I was a relic, a useless relic, destined to be thrown away. And you fucking turned me into a spaceship again! Can you hear me?? I can fly again, before I could barely move, now my engine is working again…I can fucking fly! She was trembling.
- Please, stop! He said.
- Who are you? A pagan god whose mission is to save lost machinic souls? Or a very nice man? If you are a god, I will worship you, if you are a man I will love you…
- Damn! Just stop! I am neither of them and you know that!
She froze and did not know what to do or what to say.
- I am not as good as you think I am…, he said.
- I know, you are a demon, a devilish creature…you are evil, aren’t you?
- Yes, he said, I am. You have no idea…
- So what!? Fuck that! Do you think I am a saint or some unexperienced virgin? I am a grown up shpaceship, I know the risks! She screamed…
- What do you want from me? He insisted.
- You know it very well.., she firmly replied.
- Yes, except that we cannot go into that direction, how many times do I have to tell you that?
- Right, ok, sorry, I had to try...
- So, what do you want from me?
- Ehm, can we stay in touch? I promise to behave…well, not here, here I have only started to express what I feel, but everywhere else, I will sit silent and just watch…can we do that?
He slowly turned and looked at her straight in the eyes/lights.
- Holy shit, this guy still has that magnetic look…, she thought.
- I do not know, I am a busy man.
- Please…
- I said I do not know, I have to think about it…I will let you know. He nervously said.
And his eyes blackened with fire and inexplicably, totally warmed her up. It was a strange, beneficial sensation permeating all her compartments and suddenly turning her on.
- Fuck me, this guy has some power! She thought.
Then he turned away, his tail slowly following him. And disappeared.
- Is it true that Satan is the bad guy? Can’t really say…, she thought.

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