martedì 19 gennaio 2016

are you going

Fonte: ThinkStock.

- So, are you going?
- Yes, I am. It has been a very tense and emotional week, I really need to go now. Last night the demon was very nice to me and cannot wait to see him.
- What time will you arrive?
- A few hours before the event, I will probably have a walk around and then go there a bit before.
- Where are you staying?
- I was thinking of staying in a B&B, but am not sure. I will wait for the demon to confirm.
- Are you nervous?
- Yes, but also very excited. I have been waiting for this moment for a long time…
- What if he changes his mind?
- I will just kill him, simple as that.
- Any sign of the angel?
- Not really, I would like to have a word with him and get a hug, of course.

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