sabato 16 gennaio 2016


Demon, what happened? Was it the drawing? I did not think it was very good. Or maybe it was what I wrote…but I was so vague…I was so proud of it, I think it was one of the most romantic and sensual things I have ever created for anybody. I did not mean to irritate you so much, but from your reaction, I also understood many things. Maybe you saw a part of me you did not like. So, heartbroken once again, I cancelled it. Are you happy now?
Maybe one day we will laugh about all this, right now I am badly hurt, again. Tonight’s chant will be the last I dedicate to you. Do not worry, I will not come to your event, I do not want to ruin your evening.
Angel, I am a mess, as usual. And you are so refined and soothing in your virtual caresses... Are you for real? I do not think I can survive another rejection. If you are for real, please let’s meet soon and see if it can work, even just for one day.

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