venerdì 29 gennaio 2016

bad day

Mimicry by Remedios Varo.

Today has been a strange day
sorry I did not get your hint
I have the feeling something
but am not quite sure
what was exactly
I had a bad day
because of a project 
that did not go well
and am not
in a great mood
so forgive me
if I understood both of you
the day you suggest
is the day before
saint valentine
(or is it the day before that?)
please confirm
neither of them are ideal for me
but will try to get organised
I will not come to any event
do not want to recreate 
any surreal atmosphere
where we cannot talk
or interact
but will probably arrive
at dinner time
or even later
if you prefer
let me know
what time 
were you thinking of
and where
have a nice evening


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