giovedì 21 gennaio 2016

never lied

I keep hurting people
and I do not want to do that
I keep hurting people
and I am sorry sorry sorry about that
you know, I never lied to you either,
you are extraordinary, bright, sophisticated, sexy, funny
but with him things had already started before
you joined us
in an absurd way I got to know him
and he got to know me
and there are other very personal things
I do not want to talk about here.
With you we began something
it was a beginning
I do not know what could have happened
then when he came back
I felt that I had to be with him
now I really need to be with him 
please do not be mad at me
I care for you too
this, all this marvellous and exhausting situation 
has not been easy
and is not easy
I am sorry
I am sorry…

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