domenica 31 gennaio 2016


ok, I do not know what is going on
between you two or if anything is
going on at all
I hope I have not caused any trouble
but I need to be clear
angel, I have always tried to be honest
and direct with you do you remember?
I immediately wrote to you
when you entered the ‘game’
at the very beginning and since then I have
always tried to be honest
I do not know why you decided
to fool me with all those dates
and numbers, that was not nice at all 
especially after all the
things the three of us have been through
now I do not really feel like
talking to you
I am angry
and I am sorry if I was
a bit drastic in what I wrote
but I was really hurt
I could not believe it
and if you are still wondering
what I would like to do
it is to be with him
spend even only one night with him
and do you know what could happen?
well, we could even just stay in bed and stare
at each other all night long
or drink and talk about literature
I do not know
it does not have to be sex at any cost
I only know that what me and him
have is very special
do you know how he got my attention
the first time?
through my father’s death
(and please remember that this
is constantly in my mind, it is a huge loss
I still have not been able to deal with properly)
and in his marvellous way to do things
he mended some of the pain
I was suffering from
and caressed my heart
not even my brother or my best friends
could do that
and I will never ever forget it
angel, you have been very nice and romantic
and I cried when I listened to that song
but that was a beginning
I have already told you that
and when I wrote that poem for you
spending a whole day trying to find
the right words
you did not say anything
these kind of things
leave a mark
now it is late
now I need to be with him 
and what I am asking you
is a bit of respect
for me and him
thanks in advance 

ps - in case both of you were wondering if I am posting anything on the book full of faces, I am not, I am not posting things hidden from you, I just do not feel like being there much. If I post, it will be public. And one last thing, angel, there is going to be a cartoon of mine posted soon on the web, which has the term 'wings' in it, I drew it more than a month ago, it has nothing to do with you or us, just ot be clear.

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