lunedì 18 gennaio 2016

got the message

Ok, got the message, angel. Thanks for the silent discretion. The night chant ends tonight and is going to be dedicated to myself.
Oh, and I am coming to the event, do not want anything, but I need to see that neither of you is a hologram. I will just sit in a corner and then leave when it is over. Will find my own accommodation.
I thought we (the three of us) had something special and precious and thought we should do something to transform it into something else, but you both just want to remain into that dimension and I do not. Now you have both banned me, maybe I will ban you too, so we are even. I hope one day we will be able to be friends at least, I mean like those friends who actually talk to each other, have a drink and share projects and discussions.
Thanks for your time and see you there.

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