sabato 23 gennaio 2016

out of your mind

Are you two out of your mind?
After nearly two months of 
misunderstandings, excitement, crying and joy
did you really have to blow it like that?
Angel, I so wanted to talk with you and explain what I could not say here
and you treated me as if I was some insignificant stranger
coming over to ruin your day
and did not even say goodbye when you left!
Demon, congratulations, that was a great plan!
Inviting me to an event where basically most of your friends would be
what did you expect me to do?
Just wait until everybody would go away?
Was there a plan at all?
Was that an ambush to make me feel ridiculous?
If that is what it was, you fully succeeded
I felt so unwelcomed and humiliated I wanted to disappear from the earth
why did you not arrange for me to come and meet you later?
Or, maybe the angel was supposed to help you here
but for once decided not to do it?
If that is how you two treat a woman you are interested in
well, you are a lost cause
do you think I am a rich girl
who can pay more than a hundred euros for a train ticket every two days?
I am not
not to mention all the trouble I went through to organize my trip there
but let’s skip that
and how do you think I felt when I left?
I cried my eyes out
left alone to wander in a city I do not know
in search of a cheap hotel
I did not talk about this to any of our common friends, I tried at the very beginning
with one but she never believed me, so I was always alone in this and ended up alone
the night before yesterday I could not sleep because I was so excited and nervous
I was exhausted and when I arrived in the early afternoon
I walked along the sea for a couple of hours, alone again
crying and smoking like hell
and panicking
and when I came over the angel barely spoke to me
so I left and went to drink some wine and cry again
Jeusus Christ, you two are a disaster
I was there
flesh and blood
tits and ass
and you blew it
so spectacularly,
well done!!!

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